The Best Coffee in the World: Top 10 Growing Countries

Did you know that coffee is the world’s second most traded commodity, behind oil? Coffee rates higher than gold too! And about half a trillion cups are consumed per year (a trillion has 12 zeros, FYI). I wonder how much that averages in dollars per person annually. Do you think you are above or below average in coffee consumption?

Below is a list of the world’s top 10 coffee-producing countries, according to the International Coffee Organization.


Coffee Country    Who has the Best, Who Produces the Most

Rank Country Coffee Production (Metric Tons) Coffee Production (Pounds)
1 Brazil 2,592,000 5,714,381,000
2 Vietnam 1,650,000 3,637,627,000
3 Colombia 810,000 1,785,744,000
4 Indonesia 660,000 1,455,050,000
5 Ethiopia 384,000 846,575,000
6 Honduras 348,000 767,208,000
7 India 348,000 767,208,000
8 Uganda 288,000 634,931,000
9 Mexico 234,000 515,881,000
10 Guatemala 204,000 449,743,000

Brazil has been the world’s top coffee producer for more than 150 years. My birth country ranks second place in coffee production.

Have you tried Vietnamese iced coffee?

Vietnamese iced coffee, also known as cafe da, is a traditional Vietnamese recipe. Super strong coffee with sweetened condensed milk and chilled on ice, do order one at a Vietnamese cafe or restaurant the next time you have an opportunity.

Cozy coffee nook

Even with a cozy cafe at most city corners around the globe, my favorite coffee snuggle spot is in Richmond, London. You must visit. I promise you won’t be disappointed. The coffee, pastries, and warming atmosphere make for a perfect book nook or special retreat.

Petersham (Nurseries)

Check out the collages from my Instagram page highlighting the creative cozy coffee corners at this unique nursery and coffee shop. What I love about this particularly snuggly location is the seasonal inspirations for your breakfast alcove, reading nook, or Zen nook to decorate your house. You also can shop for unique pillows, light fixtures, coffee nook cabinets to one of a kind furniture pieces here. 

More about my London sweet spot here: London Calling: Gardens Are Always in Bloom.

Petersham (Nurseries)

Where to get the best coffee around the globe? Good coffee should go down smoothly like fine wine, don’t you agree?

When choosing your next brand of coffee, you must know the top 10 coffee producers around the world.

Which country will you get your next cup of coffee from?

Let me share a few recommendations for instagrammable coffee shops from my Instagram friends.

Recommends the FELIX ROASTING CO, 450 Park Avenue South, New York, NY 10016.



This is what she had to say about this shop: This place is an Instagrammer dreamland, not only for the artful cup of coffee, but you will be dazzled by the posh, pastel, vintage interior decor reminding you of modern old-world Paris. You have the best seat, no matter where you sit, with bookshelves or artwork for your photo backdrop.

CALI Travel Chic

Arrive early for Hickory-Smoked Smores Latte, most talked on Yelp, and watch an excellent performance by the barista, and record the whole show if you will and post it on your IG story. This drink is on the seasonal menu, limited and made until they run of ingredients each day. I came here for this drink but was out of luck. I stuck to the classic, but other creative coffee drinks are quite enticing.

  • @kinzameetscoffee suggests the Emirates Palace with friends in Abu Dhabi. She reported: We purely went to have a nose around at the grand palace and to sit down with a famous 24 carat gold cappuccino.

    @kinzameetscoffee suggests the Emirates Palace with friends in Abu Dhab

The coffee cost 50 dirhams (about 13-14 USD). It was very rich and the gold flakes were fun, but quite tasteless. The cappuccino was accompanied with fresh dates and dark chocolate discs.

It was great to see the opulent interiors of the palace and would recommend a trip here for a nice coffee break!

  • @polentips endorses Camelot: Camelot is a beautiful cafe known for its charming interior. It’s the perfect breakfast spot, loved by both locals and tourists. Be sure to try the Polish apple cake and pierogies. Located three minutes from the Main Market Square. A must-visit when in Krakow.
@polentips endorses Camelot

While savoring a cup of your favorite coffee, enjoy these fun facts:

  • Only two U.S. states produce coffee, Hawaii and California.
  • The word “coffee” comes from the Arabic word for “wine.”
  • Goats supposedly discovered coffee in Ethiopia.
  • Finland is the world’s top coffee-consuming country.
  • International Coffee Day on 1 October brings together coffee lovers in a global celebration to share their love of coffee and support the millions of farmers whose livelihoods depend on it.
  • The world’s most expensive cup of coffee? Kopi luwak. Be prepared to pay $100 a cup, tax and tip not included. Why so expensive? The drink is also known as cat poop coffee, because it is brewed from coffee beans digested and eliminated by the Indonesian civet, a mammal erroneously referred to as a cat. The civet’s coffee-bean-filled feces are harvested, cleaned, dried, sorted, and roasted. What gives the kopi luwak its one of a kind flavor is that the coffee cherry and pulp are digested leaving the beans whole and fermented in a special way.

Have you tried kopi luwak?

No, thanks!

I would like to hear your recommendation for the best coffee shop in your area, of course that would include ambiance, quality of coffee, and insta-worthy will be a bonus!

When choosing your next brand of coffee, you must know the top 10 coffee producers around the world. Which country will you get your next cup of coffee from? Are you a big coffee consumer?  How many cups a day?

Petersham Coffee Shop




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