Norway Cruise: Put it on your bucket list

Norway and I fell in love. It was on a cruise, and it was the fjords who played Cupid. One look at that majestic beauty and I was a goner. I found the deep fjords with surrounding untamed valleys and magnificent waterfalls absolutely stunning. The beauty was beyond my imagination. Seeing is believing…

Gorgeous, rugged, and dramatic — the scenery, that is

Nature Lover’s bucket-list item

Remember this name: Geiranger. Geiranger is a village that is considered the crown jewel of the country’s fjord district. Snow-capped mountains surround the tiny town, whose natural beauty is jaw dropping. Additionally, Geirganger offers spectacular waterfall views.

Seven Sisters = Huge Waterfall

The best way to see “The Seven Sisters” is by boat.

Geiranger Fjordservice offers a 1.5 hour round trip with sightseeing from the months of May until September.

Fun fact: Norway has the most waterfalls of any European country – more than 1,000!

Flam – Some of Mother Nature’s best work

Sognefjord? He’s the Father of the Fjords

Norway’s oldest fjord almost dates back 65 million years when glaciers ruled Earth.

Ever see an emerald green lake? You can in Olden, Norway. This is where the massive Jostedal Glacier sits. Jostedal covers 188 square miles, making it the largest glacier in continental Europe. Be sure to add Lake Loen to your Norway bucket list.

Green and Gorgeous

Picture yourself picnicking here

Norway and I, we have a forever kind of love. We will meet again and again. Norway is definitely on my Top 10 Must Visit Recommendations List, which I am still compiling. Here’s my running list:

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  2. Sicily, Italy: What wine, where to drink it, and what to see
  3. Postcards to Transport You To Vietnam 

Stay tuned … and let me know of your Top 10 Must Visit Recommendations List.



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