Croatia — What to See, Where to Go, Why You Should Visit

I believe travel has all the ingredients for a recipe to make life exactly as you want it. That’s just one of many reasons I love travel so much.

What is your favorite town or region in Croatia?

How about Istria, the heart-shaped spot on the Adriatic Sea across from Venice? Formerly known as Yugoslavia, Croatia became independent in 1991. This fascinating country has retained its rich history of Ottoman Empire intrigue and Italian escapades worthy of an opera.

Croatia shares borders with 5 countries. Can you name them? Slovenia, Hungary, Serbia, Bosnia, and Herzegovina, and Montenegro.

I’m not the only one smitten with Croatia. Hollywood and other captains of filmmaking use the landscape and scenery for location shoots. Fiddler on the Roof and The Last Jedi are two examples.

The Best Cities, Scenery, and Dining

Back to my question: What is your favorite town or region in Croatia? Not sure? Check out these towns for your next visit to Croatia.

Dubrovnik is impressive, isn’t it?

Dubrovnik for the Win

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik serves as the setting of King’s Landing, the capital of Seven Kingdoms in the HBO hit Game of Thrones, based on the George R.R. Martin books. The storyline is set in a land of exquisite nature and rich history, which describes Croatia to a T.

Dubrovnik’s main street, Stradum, was used for filming Star Wars VIII in 2016. You’ll recognize the spot from a number of action sequences in the blockbuster movie.

Who knows? Maybe your favorite movie filmed in Dubrovnik. Either way, this is not a place to miss.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

The red-tiled roofs, the freshest food, and gorgeous seaside are just a sampling of Croatia’s treasure.

Have it All in Hvar

Hvar sits on the Adriatic Sea, and that means beautiful beaches hugging the sapphire water. There are also fortresses providing protection from marauding mariners of yesteryear and rolling lavender fields.

Hvar, Croatia

The red roofs provide a nice contrast to the sea.

The perfect nook to sit and sip.

The Best of Croatia’s Cities, Nature, Food, and Sites

Hiking in Paklenica, the National Park

Paklenica National Park has suitable hiking trails for all levels, beginner to adventurous. There are caves, too! The park is near the Velebit mountain range and covers just under 39 square miles. Challenging the trails to the high peaks is worth it for the stunning views. Love the forests of beech and pine. So fragrant.

Read more about what I love in Croatia at Eat, hike, love Croatian style – Ann-Tran.


Konoba Mondo, the Truffles Can’t Be Beat

Where to go? When in Croatia, one must try the truffles. It’s as simple as that. Konoba Monda in the town of Motovun is a great place for truffles. Konoba Monda has the comfort level of a beloved neighborhood tavern and the deliciousness factor of a 5-Star restaurant. Not to be missed.

Krka = Waterfall

Say Krka, and most people think waterfall. Krka National Park showcases Croatia’s abundant fast-moving water, perfect for hydroelectricity, on which Croatia depends. The waterfalls are as pretty as they are powerful.


Pag is a Croatian island known for its partying nightlife. Its stretch of nightclubs hugging the beach is very popular with tourists. Pag is also famous for its lunar landscape, resulting from the island’s lack of water. The beige and white topography pairs well with the differing blues of the sea and sky. The best way to experience this is by hiking.

Metajna-Pag, Croatia

This hike was off the map! Literally. Couldn’t have done it without insider info from a local. Awesome hike with @royalcroatiantours. Check out the blue and white scenery I talked about before.

The view more from sea level.


Pula Arena was a Roman amphitheater known for gladiators and medieval knight jousting. Now? Film festival and opera.

Up Close with Nature at Plitvice Lakes National Park

Located in central Croatia, Plitvice Lakes National Park is best known for its water features. There are 16 waterfalls, terraced and strung together by waterfalls. I can’t think of another place that comes close to this spectacle of nature. Hiking trails and walkways follow the water’s paths or opt for an electric boat ride. Of the 16 lakes, 12 are upper and 4 are lower.

This park is not to be missed if you are a nature lover.

See what I mean about this show of cascading water?

Roaming in Rovinj

Rovinj is an Istrian fishing town with the expansive sea views you’d expect from such a location. The streets date back to Medieval times and are perfect for exploring the boutiques, food emporiums, and art galleries. Spend a day moseying around; you’ll be glad you did.

Part of the Rovinj fleet.

Put Zadar on Your Radar

This Croatian city is on the Dalmatian coast, in the northern area of the Adriatic Sea. Roman ruins as well as Venetian ones are must-sees. St. Mary’s Convent claims 8th century religious art housed in its 11th century structure.

I have fond memories of shopping and dining in this cute little town. I sure hope you get to visit one day, too.

Zadar, Croatia

Unstaged. Unedited. Unreal. You’ll find beautiful vignettes such as this everywhere in Zadar.

I hope you enjoyed the photo essay and virtual tour of Croatia. Looking back, my Dubrovnik tour (a cruise excursion) was too brief. Hope to extend for a longer visit next time. There’s always so much to see and so much to do. Hard to fit it all in.

Now, back to my question: What is your favorite town or region in Croatia?

Love for you to share your answer.

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