Barcelona to Montserrat, why you should go

¡Hola! Bienvenidos a Barcelona … Ah, Barcelona, the city of bountiful beauty and amazing architecture. One of Spain’s most famous locations, Barcelona remains on travelers’ lists no matter how many times they have visited.

Pandemics are tough on wanderers. I know, virtual travel is great and all, but it isn’t the same. Feet are itchy and passports are dusty. There are places to go and people to meet. Pandemics also can be a blessing to travelers. How often is one afforded the luxury of time to really give thought (and research) to the next destination? By the time COVID-19 has ridden into the sunset, you’ll know exactly where your next destination is, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it was Barcelona.

Divine intervention and here’s how to get there

Getting to Montserrat

Getting to Montserrat looked confusing at first, but in actuality it was quite easy to navigate Barcelona’s very robust public rail system. The large central Espanya rail station could be reached from anywhere in the city via Metro, then I simply followed the signage to the R5 line.      

 From bottom to top of the mountain


Get thee to the basilica

After enjoying the beautiful grounds and scenic valley views from the monastery, I took an additional Funicular ride (included in the price) up to Sant Joan point. This traverses another 1,000 feet further to the very top of the mountain. Here you can hike on gorgeous trails and see a 360-degree view of Spain. 

Sant Joan makes a good point

Montserrat is a place of outstanding individuality and unrivaled beauty. The geology is quite amazing, and the shrine where the patron saint of Catalonia, la Moreneta, is worshipped is unparalleled in its ornate beauty. It is also hosts one of Europe’s oldest and most famous schools of music.

That’s why 3+ million visit each year

If you haven’t already, I hope you put Barcelona on your travel bucket list. I think it belongs on a must-see-cities list for all of us explorers. If you’ve been fortunate enough to visit, tell us your favorite spot and restaurant recommendations.

Stay safe, amigos, looking forward to hitting the trails again and sharing my adventures.



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