Getting around Venice — lots more than gondolas

A gondola ride may be in your near future. Italy is opening up for visitors, and that includes Venice. Slowly and gingerly, Italy is cranking up and dusting off its tourism infrastructure.

Careful though, the U.S. Embassy in Italy cautions to avoid all unnecessary international travel. Visit the Embassy’s Web site to stay informed. The Italian tourism board has a very useful Web site, too.

So, what would Marco Polo do? He, perhaps Venice’s most famous son and the world’s most famous traveler, would be plotting and planning future treks and discoveries. Where to go and what to see. You know, things like where to stay?

Marco Polo slept here

 I bet if Marco Polo were alive today, he’d set up camp at Locanda Orseolo. The charming guest house is close to Rialto Bridge, and the around-the-clock concierge assistance and room service are lifesavers. I stayed here twice and love the vibe with the comforting hospitality and well-appointed rooms hugging the canal. Plus, all the must-see’s are within walking distance.

City of Masks (the pretty kind)

The floating city, Venice.

Now, you be Marco Polo

Why it’s called the Grand Canal

Venice’s main waterway.

Gondola, water taxi, or vaporetto?

Gondolas and water taxis.

Italy is definitely one of my favorite countries, and I have visited a few times. One highlight was a wine trip through Sicily. Read about it here. Then, pour yourself a glass and start mapping out your next trip. That’s what Marco Polo would do.

“Venice is a city of dreams … A city of a forest, resting on wood, a city of dreams, a floating dream.” — J. Aman

As with all things COVID-19 related, the situation changes by the second. Stay informed. And remember, things probably won’t exactly go according to plan, but isn’t that the essence of travel? Stay safe, friends.

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