Gifts for the Champagne, Sparkling Wine, and Bubbly Lover

We’re almost there — 2021! I’m ready to pop a cork. Are you? We don’t have to wait for New Year’s Eve, you know. These days, I often pack a bottle of Champagne along with a snack for a mini picnic when taking a day trip. Sometimes, I pack sparkling wine. As you know, to be called “Champers,” it must come from the Champagne region of northern France.

I wonder how COVID has affected the French grapes. Let’s be sure to support the vintners as much as we can. That’s one trend I’d love to see in 2021. What trend would you like to see? Or what do you see trending in the new year?

Sparkly European Wines for the Win

This 6-pack of sparkling wine for $40. Yes, $40 at Costco!

Believe it or not, I found this European tour of sparkling wines at Costco. Yes, Costco! This Six Sparkling Nights gift set is perfect present for anyone who loves bubbly. Think of it as six-night tasting tour in the comfort and privacy of wherever the lucky recipient chooses. In front of the fireplace. Around the dining room table. Gathered around the tree. In the kitchen in between batches of Gingerbread Men coming out of the oven. I was happy to get my hands on this 6-pack for $40.

Tumble up to Crystal

I also ordered these beautiful Riedel Crystal Tumblers. Perfect for enjoying wines. You can see the swirl releasing the aroma and drawing the legs on the sides. These might be a little indulgent for barware but not really. Crystal enhances the drink’s taste (I think), and, besides, there are only four of them. I won’t be keeping this beautiful set, a special someone will be adding it to their kitchen or liquor cabinet.

Riedels Crystal Tumblers gift set (O Series).

Trending now — RSVP for Chef-Inspired Meals (at Home)

Along with the resolutions, forecasts abound for New Year’s. What will be hot, what will be not. Pinterest sees a trend of at home chef-inspired meals until we can travel safely again. There will be pretty table settings and fancy food plating, too. Hmmm … I’m leaning toward something French to go along with all the Champagne and sparkling wines.

Bon Appétit

In case you are feeling à la française, too, and want to make a festive Christmas or New Year’s dinner, check out these recipes for a holiday feast. I think you’ll be happy adding some French seasoning to your menu.

Embrace Your Inner Armchair Traveler

Probably no surprise but another trend is hypothetical travel. That’s when someone can only dream of a getaway because COVID won’t allow for actual travel. It’s a frustrating and temporary situation, that’s for sure. Let’s look at it as an opportunity for planning and saving up for the adventure. Be sure to let me know where you are planning to travel.

From the Heart, not the Pocketbook

I have shared these favorite finds for you to treat yourself or surprise someone. This isn’t an ad, nor am I an affiliate with any of the companies. If I were, I always write it front and center at the beginning of my articles. I just thought this adorable set of sparkling wines would be a fun gift to have a tasting to bring in 2021. Why not treat yourself since we can’t dine out as often?

I wish you health, happiness, and many adventures in 2021. Be well and stay safe!

P.S. I love one of Pinterest’s trending title: Kitchen is the new Michelin.

This Six Sparkling Nights gift set is perfect present for anyone who loves bubbly.



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