Cherry Blossoms: Where and When to View Peak Bloom in 2021

For spring 2021, Washington DC will be following COVID-19 restrictions — but not the Cherry Blossoms! However, not surprisingly, the DC Metro area, locally known as the DMV, rates in COVID’s high-risk level, meaning no crowds or gatherings. So, I suggest thinking about having your DMV Cherry Blossom viewing party from home for the best safety and comfort advantage.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial

Bring on Spring

Fret not, there are neighboring spots outside of the capital’s urban campus. Read on for some suggestions for taking in one of nature’s best shows. And who knows? Maybe the metro cherry trees will be able to rest and rejuvenate without all the pedestrian traffic, and next year’s puffs of pink will be even more spectacular. Hard to imagine that, isn’t it?

With no other visitors in sight and clad in a hot pink dress, the author strolls under Cherry Blossoms at Meadowlark Park.

No matter what, the timing is the tough part as there’s no predicting Mother Nature. The last week of March through the first week of April is the general target for planning purposes.

It sure would be nice if COVID were as fleeting as the Cherry Blossoms. There is encouraging news! But, first, where else can you catch the Bloom?

Walking a Cherry Blossom Trail

A grove of Cherry Blossoms on one side of a fence with @anntranfashion in a white dress on the other side admiring the peak bloom. The flurry of falling Cherry Blossoms resembles a light snowfall in Meadowlark Park.


Don’t go for just the Cherry Blossoms. The Meadowlark Botanical Gardens boasts 95 acres of ornamental display gardens. A winding path offers views of local flora positioned along lakefronts and in forests with an inspiring view of the Piedmont hills. Local fauna may be on hand to greet you, too. Be sure to check out the indigenous plant collection. The restored log cabin, circa the 18th Century, offers an architectural element. The Korean Bell Garden gives an international flair.

@anntranfashion sitting on a bench under a tree filled with Crabapple blossoms, which look very similar to Cherry Blossoms but pinker, on a weekday at Meadowlark Park.

Weekends are busy. I recommend visiting during the week if your schedule allows.

Sip Some Wine, View Some Blossoms

The 404-acre estate Breaux Vineyards in Purcellville, Virginia offers a beautiful display of Cherry Blossoms. Pair that with a delicious rosé and your viewing party will be Japanese style, just a different drink than rice wine sake. Spring is a beautiful time of year most places, and it’s a real standout at Breaux Vineyards.

The author tastes wine under a single cherry tree filled with blossoms at Breaux Vineyards.

For guesstimating purposes, peak bloom at Breaux is about one week after DC’s. Always call ahead. Try visiting on a weekday to avoid the crowds.

On a sunny spring day while @anntranfashion enjoys wine tasting and viewing Cherry Blossoms at Breaux Vineyards.


Rest Assured, You Can Catch the Bloom

Need help planning when to take some away from the office for a Viewing Party? I recommend this Web site: 2020 Cherry Blossom Peak Bloom Forecasts. If the Cherry Blossoms don’t cooperate with your schedule, there are so many other stunning gardens to visit for a nature fix. So, be sure get outside and enjoy. Here’s a sampling — 10 Best Washington, D.C. Gardens – and When to Visit Them.  I find the gardens in Virginia and Maryland more flexible with COVID restrictions. I am hoping by April, with the vaccinations of 2 million people per day, we may get back to some form of normalcy.

Speaking of COVID …

There has been such encouraging news lately for us travelers. The vaccine is in high gear, and (fingers crossed) the U.S. adult population could be vaccinated by June. That indicates clear skies and smooth sailing for hitting the road. Here’s the thing: Keep proof of your vaccination! Already several states and countries require proof of a negative COVID test, I’m pretty sure proof of a vaccination will be as necessary as the proper visa stamp in your passport.

Don’t know about you, but I never really put away my suitcases, so I am ready for take-off as soon as the light turns green. Here’s to crossing paths in the near future. Stay safe! And keep proof of your vaccination!


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