Beauty Starts from the Inside Out

4 Comments 10 February 2014

Last summer, I visited Maui with Joyce Cherrier. What I learned by observing her eating and workout habits really impressed me the importance of consistency.  I tend to focus on staying positive by meditating and getting out with nature.  The missing piece for me was keeping a consistent exercise routine:  it has been hard to […]

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Turning Pain into Passion: Brett Hoebel

No Comments 13 January 2014

While searching for an inspirational person to feature in this month’s Verizon fitness theme, I came across Brett Hoebel on Twitter.  Brett’s posts really struck a chord with me, especially his article The True Power of Inner Strength. Brett’s ideas about “Fitness From Within” resonated with me because, at times, I have personally struggled with my […]

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Choice, Focus and Reflection: Ready to Start A New Year

No Comments 08 January 2014

Reflecting on the past year, my many relationships have taught me some valuable lessons, business and personal. First,  I stopped judging myself and other people.  We each grow at a different pace as we move through life: you can offer support and advice, but you cannot change someone who doesn’t have the drive to change […]

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Kindness and Humility: A Winning Combination

No Comments 03 September 2013

When you decide to want to get to know someone better on social media, what are your favorite character traits?  My choices would be kindness and humility.  These top two essential qualities are ones I appreciate in a person—in real life and online.  This quote resonates with me: “Confidence is silent.  Insecurities are loud.” ― […]

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Positive Influence—Be It If You Want to See It

1 Comment 24 August 2013

If you have a choice to be happy or angry, which would you choose?  Obviously, most of us want to be happy and choose the first one—but it’s not always easy, I know.  Sometimes people do things that you don’t understand—perhaps they’ve had a rough life, or even just a rough day.  When we react […]

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Positive or Negative—Where’s Your Charge Going?

2 Comments 16 July 2013

This quote:  {When things aren’t +Adding up in your life, start -Subtracting.  ― Anon } is so simple and so full of common sense, but also so easy to lose sight of.   Sometimes I have a hard time protecting and preserving my energy for myself.   As this quote reminds us, if you are struggling with […]

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When Letting Go Is Better Than Holding On

33 Comments 22 February 2013

Once in a while I run into an inspirational story on the Internet or my social media platforms that really speaks to me and makes me examine my life.  Usually I would combine the discovered piece and put my own spin on it to make it more personal.  But when I found this thought-provoking story […]

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Giving at the Speed of Kindness

No Comments 23 December 2012

The holidays represent such a magical time for me – a time for reflection, a time for planning,  and, of course, the perfect time for giving.  While I actively seek to share my talents and resources with various humanitarian causes year round, the holidays seem to breathe life into the communal spirit of giving in […]

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Jewelry That Speaks Love to Mothers and Children

5 Comments 08 December 2012

Meeting Martha Duran, partner at Mishky jewelry designs, in Miami.  She hails from the advertising industry and is an award-winning creative graphic designer.  As we talked, I became enchanted with the  concept behind her jewelry design company.  Martha and her partner, Tita Navia, have developed a business model that embraces the concept of “jewelry with […]

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Power to Heal, Power to Thrill – Photography

13 Comments 07 November 2012

Recently, I posted the photo below along with a quote on my Facebook page. The old rustic building and car caught my eyes as I walked down the Malecon Historic District in Mazatlan, Mexico. I love how the red of the aging storefront coordinated so well with the red Volkswagen bug car. It makes me […]

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