About Ann Tran

Ann Tran is a TEDx speaker, digital content creator, brand consultant, and travel writer. A social media pioneer and expert marketer, Ann is known for authentically and carefully building a highly engaged audience. She has set the standard for purposefully cultivating a genuine connection with her readers through storytelling and video. Ann has had the privilege to become a speaker for corporate and other industry-related events as a result of her work as a travel writer and social media influencer. International and national brands seek collaborating with Ann to better understand the power of digital media and online influence, and to use that power to grow their business. Forbes magazine recognized Ann’s digital clout in its article “How To Travel the World As A Social Media Influencer.”

Catch up with Ann in her recent interview with LaunchMetrics for their #StateofInfluence series here.





























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  1. A very beneficial read for newbies like me who want to build long and healthy relationships.

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