TEDx Speaker 

My journey through social media and public speaking engagements melded into the gold crown of the spoken word: a TEDx Talk. In September 2018, I presented “The Future of Social Influence” at TEDxKoenigsallee held in Dusseldorf, Germany. In my Talk, I share how I created success in the then-uncharted waters of social media and offer my thoughts on the direction it is headed. The purpose my TEDx Talk is to inspire and spark change within the listener. The response of my audience leads me to believe I did just that.

In addition to TEDx, I help brands – Azamara Club Cruises, TripAdvisor, Capital One Bank, and the travel leisure industry, for example – understand and realize the potential of online influence and digital media. Typical audience members are business or trade groups, corporations, and entrepreneurs.

Unmatched Life, Unmatched Advice

Many people claim to be social media experts, yet few show meaningful results. Even fewer create engaged communities. I am grateful for the experience that my personal journey has given me, allowing me to develop an unmatched approach to succeeding at social media.

That journey, from war refugee to a high-profile social media influencer, has shaped my life in ways I couldn’t imagine. Through hard work and dedication, I turned my life lessons into a strategy for creating a thriving online community.

How did I do this? First, I started early, as a social media pioneer of sorts, and built one of the largest and most engaged social media audiences on the web today – emphasis on engaged. In my role as a public speaker, I share my proven approach to social media success so others may enjoy similar results.

Speaking and Keynote Topics

  1. Building Relationships: A Community, Not Just a Following
    • Building a community isn’t just about collecting numbers or followers.
    • Discover the surprisingly methodical approach to nurturing a community.
    • Making contacts and building relationships is where social media’s value is found.
    • Growing a following isn’t achieved with a magic wand. But there is a magic work plan.
  2. The Art of the Efficient Hustle
    • Social media success does not happen on its own. It happens because of hard work.
    • Uncover the three secrets that will help you keep up with the momentum and speed of the virtual world.
    • True social media impact lies within the community you’ve built. Take care of them and they’ll take care of you.
    • Discover the most surprising characteristics that will help you get ahead.
  3. Embrace Social Media
    • Understanding how to integrate business and related marketing goals with the right social media

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