A Fresh Look at the City that Never Sleeps

A visit to New York City always feels like a treat to me, no matter if it is for business or pleasure.  My recent trip to the Big Apple consisted of a little bit of both.  I was in town for a Travel + Leisure Global Bazaar Event; a very exciting three-day affair that recreated the energy, exhibited lively visuals and delivered authentic tastes from destinations around the globe.

@mistygirlph @martymcpadden winners of the Autographed cookbook: @Marriott Chef Dean Max. #MarriottHost
I extended my trip an extra day because I wanted to meet with Marty McPadden @MartyMcPadden and Misty Belardo @mistygirlph as well as a few other Twitter friends.  I regularly do this when I travel and try to reach out to as many of my social media friends in person because it is always great to connect in real life.
I have been tweeting with both Marty and Misty for about three years and was very excited to meet them for the first time face-to-face while in NYC this past weekend.  While it was a short meet and greet, I am so glad that we had the opportunity to connect in such a personal manner.
I also met with Farhana Rahman @FarhanaRahman while in New York.  She and I just finished working together on a recent campaign and it was nice to put a face with the name.
The other reason I wanted to stay in the city for another day was to take the time and enjoy the experience.  I feel that in life, sometimes we are so busy rushing from one thing to another that we forget to take a step back, breathe deeply and really soak in the experience.
While I’ve been to New York City quite a few times, this was the first time where I chose to have a late lunch alone in Times Square, simply to soak in the sights and sounds around me and consider the area from a different point of view.  Normally, I would love to join the crowd and go shopping in the city because it is an experience within itself.  This time though, it was important for me to commit to something different.

Spectacular views of Time Square from the Marriott Marquis.
I would like to share a few photos I took from my trip.  The view from the Broadway Lounge was spectacular and I have to admit that it was refreshing to simply be an observer and watch the world go by.  And via my trusty camera, I was able to capture the energy of the city during the day as well as into the early evening.
I invite you to please share some of your favorite cities with me.

Photography by Ann Tran

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17 Replies to “A Fresh Look at the City that Never Sleeps

  1. Hi Ann, I love the way you shot it and this is my first time visiting your blog. The strategy you use to get more followers is amazing like the image on your sidebar. I’d love to use that strategy in my next post.

    Thank you – Ferb

  2. Hi Ann –

    Unfortunately I only connected to you recently on Twitter, else it would have been fun to meet up with you in person. I live a few blocks away from Times Square (on Sixth Ave), so do let me know if and when you ever make it back here. And I’m glad to see you had a good time in The Big snApple! 🙂


  3. Ann,

    I enjoyed your NYC post very much. The photos are terrific… my favorite is the photo from the Broadway Lounge. Nice work! Your efforts to meet up with Marty & Misty say much about your character. Thank you!!

    1. Hi Sony,

      Thank you Sony, I appreciate your comment. Yes, I really enjoyed dining at the Broadway Lounge at the Marriott Marquis. I really do appreciate any opportunity to meet my virtual friends “IRL”. I hope to meet you in the near future.


  4. WOW Ann, I am very happy for you. I really want to go to times square. Would be really an awesome experience I think. Your pictures are beautiful and happy you got to meet up with those you connect with online. There is nothing like putting a face to a name 🙂


    1. Hello Tamela,

      We’ve been following each other forever too ツ and would love the opportunity to meet you “IRL” as well. I hope you get to visit Times Square soon.

      Thank you,

  5. I am going to find me a shooting star and make a wish:…I want to be Ann Tran for a week! 🙂 Wonderful post! You have a talent for capturing the essence of what you are photographing. The photos looking down on Times Square during the day and then the contrast at night are excellent.

    1. Hi Judy,

      2012 has been a travel dream job for me and I look forward to 2013! The adventure continues! Thank you for all your support Judy and hope to meet you IRL one day soon!


  6. Super city shots, Ann – you did well with those bird’s eye views! I can’t wait to visit the Big Apple, still haven’t made it yet.

    Also happy you had a chance to meet the first couple of social media – Misty and Marty are SO great! Maybe one day I’ll be lucky enough to meet all of you!!

    1. Hi Tony,

      It was wonderful to meet with Misty and Marty in real life. It would be so nice to be able to meet with you Tony one day!

      Thank you,

  7. Your photos are beautiful, Ann. I’ve been to NYC several times, but these pics make me really want to head over there again.

    Often when I’ve been there, it’s been for a whirlwind visit as I catch a next day flight to another destination. I’ve really only been twice to do the tourist thing.

    Would be fun for us to meet up there with the McPaddens sometime!

    1. Hi Samantha,

      I believe I may be back in NYC at the end of the year. I will definitely dine at one of the restaurants at the Marriott Marquis and take more photos for another post. ツ Yes, New York City is an amazing city to visit.

      Thank you,

  8. I echo what Misty said. It was fantastic to be able to meet you in person Ann and have lunch. Winning the wonderful cookbook by Chef Dean James Max was a great bonus. We’re looking forward to trying out the recipes.

    We love New York City and the beautiful photos you shared. Love the views from the Marriott Marquis. We took your advice and took in the spectacular views ourselves.

    Thank you for sharing! =))

    1. Hi Marty,

      I can’t wait to see your photo essay, I saw some amazing pics you posted on Facebook. Congrats and so who will be cooking, you or Misty? ツ I am so GLAD I got to meet with you and Misty IRL.

      Thank you,

  9. It was great to finally meet you in person Ann. I am excited to try the different recipes from the cookbook. Thank you for sharing the beautiful photos. New York is one of my favorite city. So much to experience and so much to see.

    1. Hello Misty,

      I am so happy we were able to connect in NYC! Please tweet and share Chef Dean Max’s wonderful recipes with us. ツ Perhaps we will meet up in Vegas next?

      Thank you,

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