ShareIstria: Sharing the Heart of Croatia

It’s been go, go, go since the beginning of the year. Sometimes my head is spinning because I’ve been waking up to a different landscape almost every week, but I’m especially psyched for another new travel adventure, this time with @ShareIstria. I’ve been looking forward to this escapade with my fellow travelers ever since the Istria Tourism Board invited me in December.

Image by @ShareIstria

Part of Croatia, Istria is the heart-shaped area across the Adriatic Sea from Venice. Though Croatia gained independence in 1991, some may still think of it as Yugoslavia. Its colorful tapestry of history – complete with Ottoman Empire entanglements and Italian intrigue – has sown the seeds of many future discoveries. I am always excited to be visiting a new culture. I’m really looking forward to learning lots and meeting new associates in Istria.

Image by: @RoyalCroTours

Croatia has been on my bucket list. I’ll be flying business class to Zagreb with Turkish Airlines. It’s such a wonderful treat to cross the pond in a lay flat bed with pampering service. Istria is the place for truffles – hunting and eating them. I’ll be sure to share my tips with you. The wines have a reputation just as good as neighboring Italy’s and France’s. I’m trying to imagine all the adventures the sparkling Adriatic will hold.

In its second year, the ShareIstria campaign will run for 12 weeks, with four influencers exploring Istria each week. Here’s how it works: a selection of online influencers (including me – thank you!) will be competing, this time for a number of prizes with a total value of $16,000 USD. I start in week two, beginning April 22nd. Just being invited is already a treat and winning will be an added bonus. I love a fun travel social media competition any day!

Can’t wait for the fun itinerary @ShareIstria has in store. I am delighted to be a part of this very special experience with @ShareIstria and my fellow travel writers.

“Not all those who wander are lost.” – by J.R.R. Tolkien {image by: @RoyalCroTours }

I’ll keep you posted on my new adventures, all activities, foodie discoveries, wine finds, and more. Cheers and best of luck to all. Most importantly, enjoy the journey.

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