Top 10 quotes/selections by the Twitterati Part 7

Welcome to the seventh issue of my Twitterati Series of Top 10 Quotes collected from our Twitter family. I find daily inspiration in the quotes I discover on Twitter, whether they are original or a reposting paraphrased with a special spin. And, as a bonus, I find myself getting a strong sense of the tweeter’s personality as I search out these golden nuggets.

It is such a pleasure meeting new friends through the Twitterati Series and I look forward to featuring more friends soon.

Please enjoy the new “Top Tens”!

Believe that a negative experience creates a teachable moment.
— by @DabneyPorte
A successful person with a kind heart is what you call a winning combination.
— by @FarrukhSiddiqui
#TwitterTip: Visit the streams of those who Retweet you–you’re likely to find gold.
— by @GlenGilmore
Comedy is an essential ingredient to a healthy soul. #LaughEveryday.
— by @Jason_Pollock
Together we can change the world, one tweet at a time!
— by @MarySarahMusic
Every word is energy. Choose lovingly.
— by @ShiftYourLife
90% of what’s stressing you today will be irrelevant in a year. Get over it, move on and enjoy your life.
— by @TerrenceJ
Love is the translator of the language of life. Learn it, speak it, teach it so all may understand.
— by @windowsot
Somethings make you realize how Blessed you are in Life – no matter your situation.
— by @YogaArmy
Key to a brilliant #Twitter marketing campaign: When your audience can’t tell you’re doing it.
— by @zaibatsu
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