Which social media site is the best?

The opportunities presented by social media these days are truly miraculous. Never in the history of humankind has there been a better time to learn and grow from our interaction with people from all over the world – instantly. This is what I love more than anything else about the internet. In celebration of this, I asked ten bloggers for their perspectives and opinions on what they consider their favorite social media platform.

  • What is your favorite or preferred social media site? What makes it special?
  • Are there other platforms that you frequent (such as, Quora…)?
  • Which platform gives your blog the most traction and inspires the most attention?

For me, Twitter is probably my favorite platform, and I feel that I am on it much more than other social media platforms and so I am much more familiar and comfortable with it. It’s my belief that I get the most traction on Twitter because of the time I invest in using it. However, I’m sure that if I spent more time on other channels, I would see an increase in my audience size and the amount of interaction I am able to have with my community. After all, if we don’t participate then why would anyone know that we are around? Engagement is the key to succeeding in social media.

Recently, I used StumbleUpon to get a few blog posts out. From a personal perspective, this has increased my blog traffic tremendously. I am seeing new readers and an increased amount in the sharing of my blog posts on a daily basis. Although, I also think that writing regularly and keeping to a weekly schedule is also responsible for more re-tweets and sharing.

Frankly, it would be great if there were more hours in the day, I would love to be able to spend more time on each social media platform to learn about and share all of the different features they have. I learned some really interesting points and I think you may also. I certainly thank these ten expert bloggers for their time and insights.

Which social media platform is your favorite?

My favorite social media platform is Twitter. I also occasionally use Facebook, StumbleUpon, Google+ and Quora, but almost everyone I’ve connected with on those sites I first met on Twitter. Twitter is my favorite because I’ve been on there consistently since the beginning of 2009, and the Twitter community is very near and dear to my heart.
It’s interesting that you asked about which platform gives Bit Rebels the most traction. I’ve done extensive research on that topic. If you are counting only pageviews, nothing can compare to a viral post on StumbleUpon. If you want to learn more about the life cycle of a web page on StumbleUpon, you can read this: http://bit.ly/vbnWA3
However, if you are not just counting pageviews, but if you are counting pageviews, shares, engagement, comments and everything that encompasses social media, then Facebook wins hands down. I wanted so much for my beloved Twitter to win, so I studied it thoroughly and put the results here: http://bit.ly/e49Fx3 Regardless of what the research points to,Twitter is still my all-time favorite.

#ilovemytwitterfriends ツ
While Facebook and YouTube are great for image and branding … Twitter enables you to develop a conduit to your friends, family, clients, partners, prospects, colleagues, and etc. Twitter has enabled our organization to quickly develop a voice … not in the tweets themselves … but in the links in the tweets to content that is helpful. Quality content is only quality IF people see it. Twitter has enabled us to showcase our content. That makes Twitter our favorite social media platform. And, that is how I got connected to Ann too ツ
For our company … Twitter is a significant driver to our blog sites – in terms of traction. We pay close attention to our traffic and depth of influence. With Twitter – we can leverage Hootsuite’s out-of-box analytics to understand our traffic coupled with our scope of influence. Twitter is a key tool for us … we treat it like an on-line megaphone.
My personal favorite is definitely Twitter, for a few reasons. It lets you proactively find like-minded people all over the world that you otherwise would not know existed. It creates an amazing speed-learning network, where thousands of people with similar interest share useful articles in delicious bite-sized morsels all day long, along with inspiring quotes and stories. It’s the most real-time news source on earth. And, it’s a speed-networking tool to meet fascinating people with whom you can then establish deeper connections with via email, phone, meeting, etc. (For more about my love of Twitter here’s a podcast with Claire Diaz-Ortiz: http://bit.ly/ClaireDAmy)
Quora is very cool. I think of it as a search site for inside people’s minds…questions that are hard to answer, or information requests that can’t be found online, can often be found there. There are some really brilliant people on Quora answering questions!
I think any network where you have a lot of things in common with other interested and interesting people will drive traffic to your site. For me, my strongest connections are on Twitter. There’s good traction from LinkedIn and Facebook too. I’d say there are focuses that work best on each medium. LinkedIn works very well for business-oriented posts, Facebook for more personal or inspiring pieces. Twitter is the broadest, covering both.
Thank you for including Triberr on the list but I’m not going to select it for obvious reasons.
I love Twitter for its ability to drive serendipitous encounters. Lately I’ve been really digging StumbleUpon for its ability to drive traffic. My blog is not optimized for SU, but it’s something I’ve been thinking of doing, which would mean a total redesign and re-focus on different kind of content.
I go through phases and test many social media platforms, but on continual basis I pretty much stick to Triberr and Twitter. I almost ignore Facebook and LinkedIn. And while I do publish on youtube I don’t engage on there at all.
I hate to say this, but written word gives me most traction. And I have done a lot of podcasting (audio) and I do a lot of video blog posts as well, but by far, written content gives me most traction.
Maybe I’m just not as handsome as I thought I was ツ
My favorite Social Media platform is definitely Twitter. I found that it helps me a great deal to drive more meaningful conversation than others. At the same time, one can grow a lot faster on Twitter than elsewhere. The openness of the platform also makes it much more enjoyable to connect with others.
I occasionally use Quora, but actually, I am sticking to Twitter together with a little bit of FB and Google+
Twitter has again proven to be most valuable here. The virality of a Tweet that can be achieved is something I wasn’t able to do elsewhere. At the same time, Twitter helps me spread new blogposts much faster than any other site.
I have a distinct Twitter orientation. Twitter is the movie trailer to my blog that is the movie. When I was beginning, I also spent a lot of time developing interest in my blog through LinkedIn groups and that worked well.
I have enjoyed using the Q&A site Focus. It’s less noisy and commercial compared to Quora and there is some high-caliber content there.
I get a lot of traffic through StumbleUpon but they are merely tourists. The high-quality visitors who come and stay on the blog seem to come through Twitter.
I’m executive editor at UberMedia, which makes me both obliged and disclosure-bound to mention Chime.in here, since you asked which is my favorite social media platform.  Even if I weren’t obliged due to employment, I mention it because of the incredibly loyal and prolific interest-based community the platform has cultivated in just three months.  My second favorite? I will always love Twitter.  I have been on it since I was News & Programming Director at Los Angels Times. We did the very first live news coverage on a Twitter account for LAT in the entertainment news section.  For our first live news coverage trial run, we covered a prominent awards show.  I was seated next to “Batman” director Joel Schumacher, grabbing his candid remarks about the proceedings.  I live-tweeted into our feed which was jerry-rigged by a news producer to surface into an official awards season news blog.  Even if very few people were around to read those tweets at the time, it was a thrilling experiment.  I have been very impressed by the team behind Google+ — especially appreciate Bradley Horowitz — and the speed with which they pushed G+ through the Google borg.
I went through a heavy Tumblr phase. I’ve grown to like Pinterest.  I like seeing the constant socialization of Google products in Google News and the SERPs.  I refer to Quora when reading up on insider tech and industry thought processes. Similarly, with visual industry research, I head to Slideshare.  I check popurls (Disclosure: another UberMedia company) before I go to bed, and I poke around on the usual suspects: Buzzfeed, Flickr, Reddit, Digg, YouTube, Neatorama, Quickmeme, Fark, Metafilter, and etc.
Determining which platform gives my content the most traction is a tough one.  It is so dependent upon the type of content I’m sharing.  I’ve migrated from Typepad, to Flickr, to WordPress, to Expression Engine (don’t ask), to Tumblr, to Chime.in.  I’m looking forward to setting up shop for a while on Chime.in.  Hope to see you there.
Twitter is one of my favorite platforms. I love that there are no walls and that allows access to anyone and everyone. I have met many amazing people on Twitter and love the ease of use and the diversity there. Facebook is fantastic and I get great value there, especially from a variety of private groups to which I belong, most of which are niche specific. Facebook allows more sharing than Twitter and can be a tiny bit more personal. I like that. I love LinkedIn and use it daily – for myself and my company as well as helping clients learn and use LinkedIn effectively. As a new business development tool, it is unparalleled. And Google+ is a fantastic platform and I have to pry myself away from it on a daily basis. Smart people, great content, early adopters learning and figuring it out. I see so much potential and so much power there – it is definitely a channel to watch.
I like Quora, Reddit, YouTube, Tumblr, Posterous, Pinterest, Instagram and Path – all for a wealth of different reasons.
But don’t try to use me as a role model, because I understand full well how difficult it is to pay attention to so many different channels, all clamoring for our attention. Sometimes you have to pick one or two and make it your goal to understand them, and to use them well. My job, conversely is to know, use, experiment with, evaluate … and play … with these channels so that I’ll know what might be applicable for which of our clients. My job is about producing results for clients and helping them navigate the social media landscape is part of how we make that happen.
I don’t necessarily have a favorite, but there’s certainly one I spend the most time on. Twitter. And naturally, due to the time spent, it brings in the most traffic and is my most successful piece of social media. Whatever you put your time into will become a successful entity of your blog.
I very much enjoy some of the other, more fun, social media platforms like DailyBooth and Plurk. They give me a place to relax, find inspiration, be human and learn from others. When I think of traction, I think of the act of “giving power.” So in that case, the medium that gives my blog the most power can’t be defined as simply one entity. It’s not just Twitter or social media. Not only search engines. It’s an all-out internet marketing shotgun approach that gives my blog content the power to display itself to a large crowd.
Twitter. It’s fast, simple and by far the most universal. It can also link to every other social media platform in existence and with my iPhone I can tweet in any language I want.
I find YouTube indispensable. The searchability and sharing of videos with so many users is an incredible tool, and I find that the personal connections I forge on YouTube differ from those I make on other social platforms.
Facebook, by far. Although I use Twitter to get the word out, more than half the traffic to my blog comes straight from Facebook. For whatever reason, it’s the medium where readers feel most inclined to click on a link and read something, and to share with their own users. I find the micro-links on Twitter and other platforms simply get overlooked too often.
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20 Replies to “Which social media site is the best?

  1. For me, FaceBook, YouTube, Tumbler, and Twitter then comes Google+. These ones are the platforms I cannot live a day without. It connects me to my family, colleagues, best buddies, friends, stalkers, and online groups I am in.

  2. Because my company is so visual based Pinterest has been the driving force to my website. However, it’s not so easy to connect directly, in conversations which I am kind of a people person. Twitter was my next stop (very new business, and even newer on the web, however long history of face to face real time business) Twitter is educating me, not just connecting me. People like yourself bringing great content, saving me time in hunting it down and thus connecting with mor like-minded people.

    My twitter goals of meeting 10 new people a week is more authentic in that I actually am getting to know the face, the business and the passions behind each tweet.

    I have the deepest history with facebook with just family and friends. I have not brought business to facebook, unless I am shouting out about what I am up too. My business does have a facebook page, but that driving force is really those who meet me and decide on their own to follow. I don’t promote that to much right now.

  3. Of the ones I’m on, LinkedIn probably offers the most useful information. Twitter is probably the most fun. I also use Google+ but I’ve found most people there are passive. I will never use Facebook because of some privacy issues I had with them 18 months ago. At that point I removed my account.

  4. It is nice to see how you have compiled the thoughts of so many people.
    I have used Facebook extensively and its been just a couple of months on twitter and still I think twitter is better :):) I met you and am reading this post because of twitter after all !

  5. Hi Ann, I enjoyed reading this post and everyone’s responses.
    Twitter, as you probably guessed, is still my all time favorite. But, Pinterest is already a close second now!
    I also use Facebook, and G+…YouTube, StumbleUpon and Triberr – pheeeeeew!
    They all work well together and I use them for different purposes.
    When I need a ‘break’ from it all, that’s when I disappear into Pinterest. It is like flipping through a beautiful magazine…full of inspiration.

    1. Hi Lori,

      My preferred network is still Twitter. And YES if I am not careful, I will get lost in the Pinterest “trance”. Visually, Pinterest is so much FUN!


  6. Thank you Ann for helping magnify these great ways of sharing concise,constructive content. I love twitter because minds morph, share, collide and go their own ways all the better – and because that’s how I met you! Happy 2012!

  7. There are a slew of great social media platforms out there but my heart belongs to Twitter. So many amazing people use the service & I’ve been blessed with so many great friendships there.

    Thanks for yet another great post!

    1. Hi Jean,

      Thank you for your support on Twitter and with my blog. Truly appreciate you Jean. I don’t have to tell you that Twitter is my favorite social media hang out. Although this year, I would like to spend more time at other social networks.

      See you there!

    1. I enjoyed this post, but expected a little more variety. I have only been on Twitter for about six months and the site really gives you what you put into it! I find most of the bloggers I follow through articles posted on Twitter. There were a number of sites that I was not familiar with that were mentioned by these bloggers and it has given me the opportunity to check them out! Here I come grovo.com to teach me about these sites! Thanks!

  8. Well, it is good to see that 10 out of 10 prefer Twitter. I honestly did not expect that result. Your experts managed to answer a lot of questions I have been thinking about several of the platforms.

  9. Great post, Ann. Also interesting that all the folks responding probably all know one another originally from Twitter. Guess that says a lot about the power of that platform!!!

    Thanks for including me – and for sharing the thoughts of so many others.


  10. I prefer Twitter, I love the fact that you can express your opinions, & meet people who are like-minded! I’ve gathered so much info, from some very smart people! I’ve connected w/ some of the most interesting people, I’ve ever met. I’ve also connected w/ these same people through local tweet-ups, and made connections w/ others in different states! They’ve also done things for me, such as tickets to Disney, travel tips, etc. I have a friend in every state & many countries, all from a connection on Twitter!!

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