How is Your Re-tweet Mojo?

I wrote a post on 7 Ways to Get Re-tweeted and thought a follow-up post on the topic may be useful.  I regularly check my stream to see what tweets get shared the most.

By now, most of you may know that using quotes is very popular.  I used to have ten quotes lined up consecutively to share, but now vary the tweets by sprinkling in social media or photo links.  This prevents monotony, plus, fresh content is king and making tweets fun, informative, educational and humorous is also a must.

I try to do this by finding a new person each day to introduce to my followers.  Sometimes it’s not easy, though, especially when I see the same quote being re-tweeted over and over by different people, which occurs frequently.  This makes it difficult to choose from which person I should share since I don’t want to duplicate the same quote numerous times.

Of course, it’s a personal preference, but I enjoy learning new things and reading quotes that make me think, or re-read it to get the meaning.  Seeing and reading the same quote repeatedly doesn’t stimulate me, and I’m pretty sure there are many people out there who feel the same.

I have been guilty of recycling quotes or links, but typically don’t really reuse them until months later.  I do this when I am traveling and don’t have time to look for fresh content.  I do try to remember which ones received the most shares and re-post them accordingly.

What about you?  Do you re-tweet the same people (such as a circle of friends) or do you look around to form new relationships?

Think about what message you may sending if you opt for the former over the latter:  You could be sending a message along the lines of, “No need to apply.”

I am just sharing this perspective because I think when you keep to the same circle, you’re limiting the tendency to learn and engage in new insight.  By connecting with someone new, you have a new opportunity to be amazed at the network of possible connections outside of your circle.

When I see someone re-tweeting my blog posts frequently and leaving comments, I try to return the favor.  I admit, it sometimes does take me a while to get to the individual’s page, but eventually, I do make it there.

How do I return the favor?  I go and check to see if the individual is a blogger.  If I see a few articles that seem like they would be great to share, I do so.  I bookmark their posts, and make a note to re-post them when appropriate.  Also, I take the time to share their blog and not just reiterate a quote from their page.  After all, they took the time to share my post; why not return the favor?

Another great tip is to change up your tweets by asking fun questions or sharing a photo to engage with your audience, the way @earthXplorer does.  He always has entertaining travel photos and interesting trivia and data on his page – This is a great strategy for keeping your content fresh.

Another great Twitter personality, @MelissaOnline noted that if you want to be to be re-tweeted, be re-tweetable!   And the best way to be re-tweetable is to provide good content. I couldn’t agree more!

I wrote this post to share a few tips I find useful.  What suggestions would you like to share?

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25 Replies to “How is Your Re-tweet Mojo?

  1. Hi Ann, nice article with a twist in perspective about people’s twitter circles. I really try to not get focused on the circles but the people. I read everything I tweet and/or re-tweet always – period. I think this helps shape who I really am as a person. While I tend to have a broad and unique base of things I share that might confuse some…it truly is who I am. I agree that sharing quotes is difficult and I have recently started just sharing my own thoughts as if they were quotes. My engagement on those messages seem to resonate more with my people. Not that I am against quotes but what comes out of my head I don’t have to worry about whether or not it is circling around the twitterverse.

  2. Ann, I just wanted to stop by and say hello. Your site looks great and I love the new cheery widgets!

    Retweeting is a big part of my own Twitter strategy. I love finding interesting tweets, quotes and news to share with my following. Your stream is alway a gold mine.

    Lori 🙂

  3. Hi Ann,

    I usually RT whenever I see something inspiring or worth reading. I don’t usually base the decision to RT on whether or not I know somebody.

    I also like to make sure I read the link before I RT, unless I really know the author and can tell the Topic will be of interest to my followers.

    Warm regards from Los Angeles,


  4. Ann, One thing I’ve been doing is noticing people who support me & making it a point to visit their sites. I will leave a comment on a post, retweeting well done posts.

    Yes, I do share older content when it applies to a conversation or situation that is happening currently. Some writers (like you) produce content that can be considered timeless.

  5. Hi Ann! I agree with you regarding having a good content! I also try to engage with my followers & retweet them as well. I do follow @melissaonline & @earthXplorer – they are brilliant.

  6. Hello Ann 🙂

    It is a tedious task to follow up our RT’ers, but tools like HootSuite,TweetDeck and many makes it easy for us.

    I do interact with my new followers by adding them automatically to my twitter list using Formulist and whenever I see some interesting content on that stream, I always share it 😀

    Since I’ve known you from many years, I like the way you reach your followers and connect with them.

    As ~@Flipbooks says “If you ain’t ReTweeting, you ain’t Tweeting!” ,So Happy ReTweeting buddy 😀

  7. Hi Ann, I want to extend thanks to you and the connections we share. I have Re-Tweeted many pieces of content from you and them. They have served me well in growing and understanding better how the social media water or marketplace flows. I am still in the process of building a Website identity and I admit it’s a very challenging task at times trying not to be too spontaneous. But it’s great reading your tip today on how to get better and stand out. I thank you!


  8. One of the frustrations of someone new to twitter is trying to connect with social media powerhouses (yourself included). If I go over to your page right now, I know I can find an exchange (or two) between you and someone new. As much as you would like to, I know you can’t reach out to everyone. My advice to someone new is to be patient, be persistent, be kind, and your turn will come. Always great advice, Ann. John

    1. Hi John,

      Good to see you John. It only takes a minute or two a day to introduce someone new in your social media stream. When we do this, we will have a loyal following and I consider you to be one of my genuine generous friend. I am thankful for all your continued support.


  9. Great title for the post! About 90% of my time on twitter is spent re-tweeting. I love the variety from quotes, photos, videos, great causes to conversing with and learning about the customs, cultures, celebrations and daily lives of people from all over the world and every walk of life. When someone re-tweets me I like to reciprocate with a re-tweet. There are only a couple of reasons why I don’t. Some people like to use their twitter time conversing with others and there is definitely nothing wrong with that; however, in order to re-tweet someone there has to be something re-tweetable and filling up the page with “conversations” will probably not garner many re-tweets. Second reason is if I look at a tweeter’s page and see negativity or rudeness.
    Like most, I am grateful for re-tweets but I think the most important thing, retweets notwithstanding, is to make the time on Twitter an enjoyable experience.

    1. Hola Judy!

      I appreciate that you DM me after reading my post and sharing your feelings on each piece. I also enjoy the thoughtful comments you bring to the blog world and share it here. I agree with you about the conversational Tweeter. I want to reciprocate but when I only see my re-tweets on their pages. In that situation, sometimes I just re-tweet that tweet but will take my name out of the post.


  10. This post encouraged me to read your earlier post which I had not come across. I like your very simple and practical suggestions. And above all, be social and reciprocate. Isn’t that what social media is all about

    1. Hi Prakash,

      Yes, I like simplicity. I think this post may have gone further if I did it in bullet points like 7 Ways to get Re-Tweeted. I may do so in the future. Thank you for sharing.


  11. Great follow-up post 🙂
    Thanks for your tips , they are always useful.

    I have seen that if you are new to twitter it will take a while before someone re-tweets you. For newbies first thing is not to loose hope. Tweeting and Re-tweet will give you long-term returns. Again when a user has less followers their visibility is also low so the key is to keep on tweeting/retweeting and finding interesting engaging stuff. Once people start noticing your re-tweetable stuff , definitely your circle will grow and you will get more and more re-tweets.

    Happy tweeting!

    1. Sneha,

      The key is to re-tweet someone consecutively five to seven times if you want their attention. That usually works for me. I noticed you when you left a comment for each new post, I believe five consecutively. When I visited your blog, I stumbled on a post where you mentioned me: 5 People who made me love twitter by @SamDLifeCoach. It’s a good thing that I did, because that is when I realized that I made a difference in your Twitter experience. I was more than happy to introduce you to my social media friends. Thank YOU for the connection.


  12. When someone new follows me, rather than just publically thanking them for the follow, I often go to their profile and write a fresh tweet. I mention their Twitter name and then, from their profile, I pick out what seems to be their top two or three interests and mention those.

    Most seem to really appreciate the more personal tweets.

    By the way, this was a great article. Thank you.


    1. Hi Bonnie,

      I agree with you on your approach. I do that once a day. Sometimes I do a bulk thank you for re-tweets, it’s a way to say hello. It’s a balance, because after thanking 300+ people, it may look “spammy” but I try to trickle it out. I do what I can and I think people will most likely see the transparency.

      Thank you for stopping by to share.


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