As you walk through life, what is your favorite flower?

One of my favorite things to do is take a daily nature walk – a respite from the sameness of my indoor routines and work.   As I drink in the fresh, clean scent of the outdoors, I snap photographs of natural patterns and colorful flora growing along the path.   I see everything from a new, unique perspective out in the wild;  it refreshes and energizes my spirit.

What beautiful things do you see in your own walk of life?

Today I’d like to share a special photo essay with you.   I used my cell phone to capture a stunning, rainbow hued bouquet of color, during one of my meditative walks this spring.   I find it fun and calming to keep a photo journal of my experiences as I journey through life.   I think you’d find it rewarding too,  especially when you look back on all the digital memories you’ve preserved.

Please allow me a peek into your world and share your favorite flower with me.

I came across this beautiful poem, that can gently help us remember to appreciate ourselves as we walk our life paths each day.

Value  yourself

Inspired by – Mary Anne Radmacher

This is taken from a poem (a gentle reminder)

I wrote to myself recently.
Live in your joy today.
Be authentic.  Appreciate yourself.  First.
Appreciate others from your own abundance.
Life Changes.  Circumstances change.

Sometimes you try to fit your old way
of being into new circumstances
rather than becoming new yourself.

Embrace transformation as an opportunity.

And keep on appreciating yourself.

Photography by Ann Tran

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37 Replies to “As you walk through life, what is your favorite flower?

  1. These are just beautiful photos Ann. My favorite is the peony and I’ve been watching mine begin to bloom. The bloom only lasts a few days so you must check it daily. It’s a little like watching boiling water though. It hasn’t fully bloomed yet. I think it’s my favorite because it does not last long and it smells so wonderful.

  2. The photography displays the delicate petals
    and the color of flowers. I am in awe of all the flowers and consider them God’s Art Work. I love wildflowers because the pop up and take the opportunity to grow.

  3. Ann,

    Great photos. Thanks.

    Currently, I live in Singapore and I get the question often on what I missed most about Melbourne, a place I still called home. The four seasons is a privilege we do not enjoy in the tropics.

    Spring time is about flowers and sunshine. Love all of them.


  4. Absolutely awesome photo blog post, Ann. I’m so taken by the pictures and setting you’ve created for them, that I forgot to answer your question.

    Since they are still so vibrantly in bloom here, I’ll choose the rhododendron, but don’t expect me to keep that as my favorite. 😉

    Playful blessings,
    Stan (aka @muz4now)

  5. As of today, my fave flower is the Bleeding Hearts, the name of which I’ve only just learned. Before I knew better, I thought they looked like elegant little upside down ballerinas in frou-frou dresses and poised arms. 🙂

    I really love the poem. It hadn’t occurred to me to tackle a challenge by renewing myself. I’ve always straddled it and attempted to hog-tie it, like a cowgirl at a rodeo, imposing my will and all of those (yawn)”tried and true” methods of solving dilemmas. Very stressful. Becoming new to face the dilemma seems much more affirming. Empowering.

    Thank you, Ann.

  6. Hi Ann
    What stunning pictures 🙂 I like the purple feathery ones – are they a type of clematis? All are beautiful though. At home my favourite are Aquilegia oo and dahlia’s or maybe hollyhocks!!!!!
    Di x

  7. Dear Ann

    You have a wonderful eye for beauty and so lucky to have so many exotic flowers on your doorstep, I particularly like your clematis flowers and the white bleeding hearts. Here in England, the exotic species are becoming more available, but we have to be careful where we keep them.

    My favourite flowers are the peony and the rose, white flowers too, but I love all flowers. <3

    Thank you for the poem too, it is very inspiring.

    Julie x

    1. Hi Julie,

      The cactus flowers are from the Southwest and not in our region. I live in the east coast. I was in AZ last month and was able to capture the beautiful image on my walk. Yes, it’s hard to pick a favorite flower as they are all unique and beautiful.


  8. I appreciate your beautiful photos and your kind words of wisdom Ann. Have a terrific week!

  9. Hi Ann,

    My personal favorite flower is Sunflower 🙂
    But every flower is beautiful and every flower brings a smile ^_^



  10. I love that you’re taking time to photograph the roses… I must confess I do the same with clouds all the time. They fascinate me, and looking back through my photos, the favourite cloud shots from various days always make me smile.

    As for a favourite flower? So hard to say… But magnolias have a special place in my heart.

    1. Hi Amanda,

      Funny that you mentioned clouds, I came across this link last night and clouds will be my next subject to photograph ツ How to: Create Stunning Clouds Photography

      I can’t pick a favorite either, but I do love orchids.

      ❤ Ann

  11. Dear Ann,

    First of all…thank you so much for all these beautiful pictures and the poem. If I tell you that I have no favorite flower because I love them all! Can you see what kind of world I have?



  12. Ann,

    This is so beautiful. The cactus flower is my favorite – just stunning. The purple Iris reminds me of my childhood. They grew behind the house. I always loved them.

    Thank you for posting!
    Jane Cabrera

    1. Hi Jane,

      Yes, my first time seeing cactus flowers from my recent Phoenix trip. Thank you for sharing.


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