Verizon’s TravelPass keeps the world connected

#TravelPass, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways. I love thee for the hassle free convenience for not having to look for free WiFi. More importantly, I love thee for not having to worry if it is safe to use public WiFi.

That may sound a bit over the top (with apologies to Elizabeth Barrett Browning) but I just finished a two-month journey through Europe and Verizon’s #TravelPass kept me company on my entire adventure – from the Mediterranean to the mountains of Croatia and Germany.


Being able to share my hike through Instagram photos was as incredible as the picture perfect landscape. Right in the middle of nowhere, on top of Metajna, Pag, I was able to post ten short video clips highlighting the beauty of the hike. Stills are great but live short story videos gave my audience a window to virtual participation. Plus, the audience loved the live reporting on Instagram stories. In fact, right after I tweeted my adventure, one of #TheVideoSummit attendees signed up for #TravelPass.

All international business travelers need to do is to see if their destination is part of the plan. Easy, great coverage, and cost effective. I have been using this program for the past year while traveling extensively through Asia and Europe. So far the program has worked beautifully for me.


Here’s my #TravelPass highlight: The fact that I was able to post, chat, and write at my convenience and leisure. I didn’t feel restricted and there was no stress to work in the allotted time when WiFi was available. This really frees you up to relax, socialize, or even work longer. I love being able to catch up on emails and social media postings during downtime, like when being shuttled around from excursion to excursion or to the next destination.


Let me emphasize the beauty of this plan is when you are on Verizon, you only need to sign up for this program when you need the service while on travel. Thanks Verizon for keeping me connected to my world!

#TravelPass fits all travel styles – backpacker, luxury, family vacations. Beginning at $2 a day per line for travel in Mexico and Canada, the return on investment on for staying connected can’t be beat. In Spain, the price is $5 a day per line. #TravelPass is available in 100-plus countries for $10 a day per line. And remember, you’re only charged for the days you use it. That’s a first class ticket at an economy seat price.


See you on my next destination with #TravelPass.

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