5 Tips for Creating an Authentic Audience on Instagram

Inspiration is Everywhere, If You’re Looking for Insta-Worthy Spots

The question I get asked most often is “How do you find these great locations for your Instagram?” The answer is “Beauty is everywhere. Just look all around you. Whether it is in architecture, floral settings, or Mother Nature … find what speaks to you.”

I love fashion, art, and creating my own spin. Inspire others to find their individuality. Want to know how to find your Instagram backdrop without being another copycat? In this article, I will share with you some simple, but useful tips.

Tip #1: You Be You (Only One You)

Don’t you get tired of scrolling down your Instagram page seeing the same images over and over? And over? I actually look at my photos and say, “How can I make it look different on my next trip? What can I provide that doesn’t blend into a saturated field of images?”

See how life is often imitated in art. This chocolate Eiffel Tower is identical to the real thing. They pay attention to such delicious details at the @fsgeorgevparis , in the City of Lights. How can anyone not fall in love? (And pack on a few extra pounds) It’s almost too pretty to eat. (Almost) And the macaroons are so scrumptious. I’m loving this luxury life, right off the Champs-Elysées.

Of course, there are times when I’ll have to take that famous Eiffel Tower photo. Challenge yourself to choose another perspective or add your own colorful style, whether it’s your fashion sense or a useful caption, such as Best Tips, where to dine, where to stay, what time to visit, or what to avoid. Share your mistakes with others so they won’t need to experience the same mishaps. Provide guidelines that will save people time and money.

After I recently returned from NYC, people wanted to visit The High Line, and I recommended they may want to visit in cooler weather. Simple enough tip, but when someone is excited to venture out, they may not be thinking of comfort, which is critical when I travel.

Tip #2: #flowerstagram Is Always In

I gravitate towards flowers and stumbled on this view of Manhattan from Brooklyn. It shows another angle of the skyline from a Michelin-star restaurant, and I bookmarked it for a future visit.

If you love gardens and art, then you must visit @highlinenyc and even if you previously visited, go again. Why? Not only does Mother Nature’s landscape change from season to season, but new art installations are also added for your viewing pleasure. Even New Yorkers were surprised by my Instagram postings of The High Line, as they did not see five of these art installations. I hope to catch new photo ops when returning in another season.

Did you know the original linear urban garden park was La Promenade Plantée in Paris? I didn’t either.

One day I will return to Paris and take a trip to the elevated railway-turned-park that inspired New York City’s green destination. One great thing about Instagram is that we are learning from each other every day. Thanks to @moodandmystery, she informed me of the Promenade Plantée that I must visit soon.

Sometimes a field of flowers isn’t so, but rather a flowerbed. For example, in this image, it is a flowerbed located in front of a library. And this may look like a flower field but is actually the driveway to my doctor’s office. There is beauty everywhere if you look up from your phone. Locals asked me where the flower field is located. If I don’t tag the location, it’s because I’m trying to differentiate myself. Not that I don’t want to share my findings. I share plenty of #howto tips all the time.

Tip #3: How to Create Captions for Your Image

I wrote about this last year, in “Tips to Capture Your Audience with Captions.” It could use some refreshing, but still has good information. Read it here.

Here’s a typical caption on an Instagram post: “I can’t come up with anything for this post.” How about telling the backstory of the image, or some stats or trivia that people may find interesting? How does the image make you feel? Tell us a story. Don’t throw your hands up and write, “walking into the weekend like…” Like, I don’t know.

Or “What are your plans?” Share what’s on your agenda with your audience. No plans? Ask for recommendations. But don’t overuse redundancy.

If you create an attention-grabbing caption, just like a title of your article, then people will want to connect with you.

Tip #4: Give and You Shall Receive

Followers always direct message me about comments on my Instagram page. They wonder why they don’t have the same amount of traffic on their social pages. My response is “I never see you comment much. Perhaps you may want to consider genuinely interacting?” The answer is “Oh.” People forget social behavior in the virtual world follows the same etiquette as in real life.

I understand that non-English speakers face challenges, I’m not referring to a case of language differences. I’m talking about redundancy or not authentically engaging. If you want authentic engagement, then give genuine comments.

In Tip #3, I suggest creating images that tell a story or add sparkle to a conversation. By the same token, leave a comment with substance that connects with the content. “Oh pretty” or “You look great babe” is by no means substance when it is the 100th time. Tell me why you think it is beautiful. Please elaborate so we can extend the conversation.

Tip #5: Insanity Is Doing the Same Thing Over and Over Again and Expecting Different Results

Remember this quote, “Insanity Is Doing the Same Thing Over and Over Again and Expecting Different Results”? I’m not sure who the original author is. Some say Albert Einstein, while other say it’s anonymous. In any event, I had someone ping me and say, “I walk the same path every day, so I see the same images.” Well, perhaps by reversing your route, you may see a different course. Or exploring during the magic hour just after sunset. I have been exploring different gardens and cities every weekend. Just like with restaurants or a hotel, try different foods or properties to get a different perspective.

I posted this image from Tsurumi-ryokuchi Park in Osaka, Japan. I geo-tagged the location in Osaka, and someone told me I was wrong and that this garden was in Vienna. Uh, no. I would know, since in May I visited the International Garden and Greenery Exposition 1990, a world exhibition, where 83 countries took part in featuring the beauty of flowers.

People who do not explore will only see what’s in their field of vision. Get out there and explore the world, even if it is in your country or state. Keep learning and exploring.

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