Reasons to fly British Airways new Airbus A350

British Airways‘ first Toronto to London flight in its new Airbus A350-1000.

October 1st, 2019, I was in for a real treat British Airways’ first Toronto to London flight in its new Airbus A350-1000. The aircraft was delivered to British Airways on September 19. On September 28, it made its first long-haul flight to Dubai. For the record, this bird is British Airways’ second Airbus A350-1000. It still has it’s new car smell.

Photo by: Ted Larkin


Here’s how a British Airways representative summed up the excitement, “We’re thrilled to be launching our new A350 from Toronto, a city we’ve flown to and from for nearly 60 years. The A350 and our new Club Suite business class seat deliver new levels of sophistication, comfort and privacy, and we are proud to share this with our Canadian customers.

British Airways’ new Airbus A350


British Airways’ new Airbus A350

Allow me to introduce Steven, British Airways Customer Service Manager. He is part of the integration team and really loves the new plane. On the A350, I was given a suite, which, honestly, is almost larger than many office cubicles I have seen.

Love that accent Steve, describes the workings of the touch screen technology. Bed mode literally at your fingertips! Built from carbon composites, titanium, and aluminum alloys, the A350 has greatly reduced noise, a very welcome feature to go with the bed mode.

I love the fact that that you have your own two windows on the A350. Comfy on the inside and green on the outside. British Airways’ new A350 aircraft burns less fuel, reducing CO2 emissions.

I flew home to Dulles on the Boeing 747 and shared the middle aisle space in business class. In comparison, British Airways new suite felt so spacious as if it equaled two business class seats in the old Boeing 747.

Ever wonder where flight attendants take naps on long haul flights?

I have. I’ve long wanted to take a peek where they rest. Kind of looks like a cross between a dorm room and an RV. It’s nice to know that the personnel have a place to rejuvenate.

According to Steven, the rest area gives British Airways the ability to increase the flight duty period, allowing for better passenger service.

Betcha didn’t know these facts about the A350-100

  • With a take-off thrust of 97,000 pounds, it has the most efficient engine flying today
  • Routes are London/Heathrow, Madrid, Dubai, Toronto, Tel Aviv, and Bangalore
  • The ambient lighting has 16.7 million variations to complement the time and outside light
  • Cabin air is refreshed every 2 to 3 minutes
  • Nicknamed the Hushliner, the A350 has 40% noise reduction and burns 25% less fuel
  • Seating configurations are 56 Club Suites (1:2:1 direct aisle access), 56 World Traveller Plus seats (2:4:2), and 219 World Traveller Seats (3:3:3)
  • USB and PC power in each cabin

Feng shui

The icing on the cake includes flat bed seats, 40% more storage with a vanity and mirror, WiFi, power, big screens for inflight entertainment, and a suite door for privacy. The feng shui of the A350 include high ceilings and ambient light working with the time of day and outside lighting gives passengers a true rest. Higher humidity feels so much better on the skin and the cabin pressure is that of 6,000 feet altitude.

When I shared my A350 experience on social media, the audience was as geeked out as I was with the adventure. I want to share testimony from one of my IG fans.

British Airways’ new Airbus A350

This from @chantalloupe: I flew A350 to and from Asia this summer and even though I was in economy it was still much more comfy and spacious than virtually any plane I’ve flown, (except Max 8 which I flew in the spring). Also an incredible airplane. The comfort of this plane was the first thing I noticed!

Thanks @chantalloupe!

British Airways’ new Airbus A350 business class

I love learning and sharing my #flyba experiences. Thank you for coming along this virtual ride with me. Hope you get to fly the A350 soon, you will definitely see and feel the difference.

British Airways’ new Airbus A350

Thank you, British Airways, for another incredible adventure. Stay tuned… for my London write-up of hidden gems.


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