10 Fun Colorful Wall Murals in One Location — Mosaic District (Virginia)

Where can you find over 10 fun colorful wall canvasses in one location in the DMV area? Well, I found a great place for you to Instawall your heart out. (The DMV area is the D.C., Maryland, and Virginia area.) I think you’ll really be impressed and enjoy yourself. Who knew the DMV could be so colorful.

How do you always manage to match your outfit with your surroundings? 

It’s a question I get asked quite often. Most of the time, it is pure luck. The times when I can plan, knowing the location, I have fun contrasting against the setting or intermingling with my surroundings.

My recommendation is to be creative with coordinating your wardrobe with the murals. Otherwise, it is too mundane with the same outfit at one stop. Sort of like fashion bloggers where they just plop up a picture of their outfit with the same pose along with the exact boring garage door backdrop. Blah, yawn. Have some fun and play with the artist’s mosaic of colors. Don’t try to force anything.

Before I reveal the location for your photo shoot, allow me to share another spot.

Phoenix, Arizona

The balloons are so fanciful; I really look like I’m being lifted. Kelsey’s bold use of color is the perfect juxtaposition to the desert landscape. (Scottsdale Fashion Square)

Murals and the Southwest go together, don’t they? I love the pops of color against the desert landscape. Check out some of the best murals at

This colorful masterpiece is the Light of Phoenix.

Phoenix: The happy hunting ground for murals @visitphoenix What do you think? I think you will love it.

Mosaic District, Virginia

You’ll find this mural by Kelsey Montague right next to True Food Kitchen in the Mosaic District. The details in this giraffe are so fine; I always find myself in awe of the talent who created this. I wonder if the work turned out as she imagined. This mural gives joy to so many people. I hope Kelsey Montague finds it joyful, too.

Kelsey Montague #whatliftsyou

These walls are located in the garage behind the Barnes & Noble. Yes, there is still a Barnes & Nobles in Fairfax, Virginia. The parking garage is right across from the District Dumplings. As you drive down the parking ramp, you will see the colorful splash of murals. Follow the medley of designs.

A few of the other wall murals are sprinkled around this shopping district. See what surprises you can find. And share them with us.

@KingTuxx Mosaic District

If you are looking for other wall murals in your area, you can peruse my Instagram page or  Mural, Mural on the wall; Here’s the Top 10 of Them All.

Where to dine?

I recommend Four Sisters if you like Vietnamese food or True Food Kitchen, which serves seasonal fare created with a global point of view.

My current mural obsession began last year. Now I’m always on the hunt. Please share with me any gems you find, and I’ll continue to do the same. I hope you’ll check out @kelseymontagueart. Brilliant!

Here are ten places in the Washington, DC (DMV) area to photograph yourself with colorful wall art as your background.

Excited to see where our travels take us next!


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