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Is this about You?

Is this about You?  It’s not personal.  This blog has featured a few articles on how to get noticed on Twitter or how not to get noticed on social media.  To branch out to new topics, here are some points on not taking social media so personally and being authentic in your approach.

Many use social media to expand their social circle or grow their businesses.  Try promoting others and sharing others’ content in addition to your own.  In time, you will see the results of the fruit of your labor (in the form of reciprocity).

“Think about the ‘we’ rather than the ‘me,’” as @iconic88 and @earthXplorer have often tweeted.

It seems to be common for some to send their blog posts, tweets or articles to others with a request for the information to be shared.  If someone doesn’t respond to you after you send them numerous requests, take a step back and reassess your writing.  Hounding someone to share your content isn’t going to move it any faster.

A more effective tactic in driving more traffic to your site is to work hard to provide substance to your readers.

For example, when working on a campaign, think of it’s bigger picture.  Yes, we want to be part of a successful initiative or event, but remember that there may be other details that are more significant.  Your passion for your work will show through your actions, tweets or posts.

By taking these ideas into effect, you won’t need to clog peoples’ in-boxes with share requests.

If you have a pre-arranged agreement, that’s fine, but consider dialing down the requests or eliminating them altogether, especially if someone has asked you politely several times to stop.

Oftentimes, such a request is not personal, but rather due to the volume of inquiries, and they may not have enough time in the day to read through various peoples’ requests assessing whose content to share.

Similarly, I see numerous “top 10” or “top 100” recommended people lists for certain categories.

Sometimes, I don’t always agree with them, but if I see many familiar names on there, and I happened to not be mentioned (which happens), I don’t Direct Message the author and ask why I wasn’t featured.  It’s their personal choice, and it’s the blogger’s choice who he or she wants to include on each particular list.

You may not be mentioned on every list, but if you remain persistent and genuine, you will eventually be noticed.  Don’t be offended if an event, conference or a post doesn’t mention you.  Understand that some events are business functions tailored to a specific audience.  Be genuinely supportive of others and allow them the opportunity to shine.

I think that when you share a list to promote friends, if you agree with the mentioned names (and aren’t just posting them without merit), when it’s your turn, they will be more than happy to reciprocate.  Why not be happy for your friends and supporters?

As I mentioned before in several of my posts, I try to introduce a new friend in my Twitter stream each day.  I do this by posing a question, and inviting ten guests to respond to introduce them and their feedback to my blog.  You never know where the connections may lead you.

This recent tweet by @thedomesticexec caught my attention:  Follow @PegFitzpatrick for BA-ness and sparkles all wrapped up in a gorgeous package!! #BOOM

I adore Peggy Fitzpatrick’s positive energy and would like to introduce you to Peggy if you aren’t already following her and share her posts with you.  She has a noteworthy recent post entitled, “Can You Please Share This?

When you help spread others’ messages and are authentic, people will be happy to promote you voluntarily.

“If you want to go fast, go alone.  If you want to go far, go together.”— Warren Buffet

To me, it’s so much more endearing to be humble than to be demanding.  I like to promote people with fewer followings.  Do you remember the first time you were re-tweeted?  I do  ツ Think about others first and see what happens.  Is it worth being upset about the little things?

Just remember,  social media and life are better when you don’t take everything personally.

23 April 2012


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  1. Nanci Brown says:

    Excellent way to convey your message! I agree with your approach & learned something too! Thanks for Sharing~

  2. Live Events says:

    I find the idea of promoting others with similar interests quite interesting. I hadn’t thought of it to be honest. Might just try that technique to see what comes of it over a reasonable term. The Warren Buffet quote is precious and really hits home with me.

  3. Wil Webs says:

    Another great post, Ann. And I am with you 100%.
    In the same light, I am wondering why so many people are so nervous about Klout and are chasing +Ks like others are buying Likes on Facebook. My guess is that when you remain authentic, and act like you suggest in your post, it will all work out – organically.
    Take care, Wil.

  4. Ava Roxanne says:

    As always you are both on target and refreshing all at the same time! Well said and lovely!

  5. Thanks for this post. I’m being intentional in introducing folks along the way. It is “social” media, after all. We have to socialize those who are in our communities. Most appreciative.

  6. Anneliz Hannan says:

    A lovely and generous post. Gentrified and genuine.

    Thank you.

  7. John Feskorn (@JohnFeskorn) says:

    Had to come back to this today…wonderful, insightful post!! Now, I’m going to go read Jessica’s new post…the one just below me V 🙂

  8. Thank you Ann! Great post! 😉

  9. geekbabe says:

    Ann, My situation might be different in that Social Media is a secondary occupation for me but I am really thrilled when I see people who’s work I respect get listed. What makes my heart even happier is hearing that people got a good contract & are actually able to improve the lives of their families via their work in social media.

    My mother used to caution me that “you can’t be the bride at every wedding nor the corpse at every funeral” My turn will come.. or it won’t but I will be 1,000 times richer in in friendships & in the end isn’t that all that really matters?

    Great post as usual, thank you 🙂

  10. Jwls1luv says:

    Hi Ann!
    Yes, great post! My motto: Live, Laugh, Love & Share! I love to share info that is interesting & informative with anyone who cares to check it out! I retweet all that I find interesting whether it is from someone with many followers or someone with a few followers!
    Namaste Jwls

  11. Hadel says:

    Thank you, wonderful post, Ann!

  12. Ann,

    Very nice post. You are head of the class of people who pay it forward on twitter. You treat the small guy the same way others treat the big guys. You pay attention to who has helped you along the way and you help back.

    You inspire and mentor everyday by your humble actions and your obvious gratitude.

    I see a lot of people in social media who remind of the irritating direct phone callers. Just throwing volumes of noise around. In contrast, you are the quiet but strong voice who always says something worth listening to.

    Thanks for another great Post.

  13. Sara says:


    A very important post about a topic more should be aware. Being social isn’t about the WIFM (what’s in it for me). As has been proven time and again, we want to be around people who lift us up, make us feel good and are interested in who we are and what interests us.

    Most of us have been in situations where we’ve Been forced to listen to people tell us how awesome they are, how fab their life is, how smart they are, etc. It’s a paradigm often reinforced with current television programming. It’s unfortunate that listening to people and being genuinely engaged is ‘old fashioned’.

    Technology is not a reason to discard good manners.

    As to Ms. Northey’s comment, she is right that there needs to be a better system to spread the word when children go missing. Same with the many other social good messages.

    People need to remember it’s not called Self-Serving Media and act accordingly.

  14. Fantastic post, Ann! Tweeting and promoting other people’s posts and projects has truly been the single driving force behind gaining new clients in my business. Yes, I get clients from other platforms and methods, but Twitter has been my number one.


    I think it’s because I tweet other people’s things much more than I do my own. The majority of things originating from me and things that I RT are things from others. I do certainly promote my own posts and campaigns, but not nearly as often as I do others.

    It’s a way of life for me. It’s living out loud and it’s living authentically.

    Thanks for a great boost. Sometimes I begin to doubt myself and think I need to bone up on self-promotion. This reminded me that I’m already on the right track with promoting others.


  15. Can’t go wrong with the wisdom of @earthxplorer and @iconic88 to add fuel to the post. Great perspective, as usual.

  16. Love this post Ann!! I think you sum up the idea of how the social web works with this line toward the end of your post: “When you help spread others’ messages and are authentic, people will be happy to promote you voluntarily.”

    It’s amazing to me how many people don’t get that simple fact. Thank you Ann for being such a positive example everyone would be wise to follow and emulate.

  17. Tony Bennett says:

    I’m digging your approach about giving advice on what NOT to do. Plenty of people talk about what you should do, but I think it’s impactful to hear what we should avoid coming from someone as socially successful as you are. Great insights, here, and I totally agree that you can’t take it personal… It’s a recipe for discouragement.

  18. Such a well written post Ann! Really from the heart. We all should support and encourage the success of others. I feel especially passionate about women supporting women. We should be our biggest fans, not the harshest critics. We have an amazing opportunity in social media to be voices for good. Thank you for always being a major force of that voice. You inspire!

    love ya!

  19. Great perspective. I once heard a high profile online webrity/celebrity say in the stream: “I am just gonna tweet my password and you can post your crap.”
    He was being very sarcastic and I am para-phrasing and butchering, because it was way funny how he said it.

    It is really annoying to sign on to my account and have 20+ requests to tweet something for someone. I am pretty good about paying it forward but am more likely to a cause or non-profit/charity event or what not. Maybe years ago if I had a hot post that featured a client or topic I was passionate about I would DM but I am not one to ask people to post stuff for me, so if I do ask, YOU know it is meaningful or I am helping a good friend.

    I have been helping a local effort to find a missing girl and have reached out to some big news outlets, friends and what not. The first 72 hours are CRITICAL. Being in Tucson we are next to the Mexico border so that becomes more like 24 hours, so as you and I have spoke before we NEED a better online system for this. At the neighbor vigil I met the Social Media outreach coordinator and said what can I do to help. he said tweet/post the heck outta the picture (so did the priest.) WE really need a better system. STAT

    New people come along and they see where you are at and they want what you have. It’s very normal even beyond Social Media.

    Life has taught me that if you want what someone has you have to be willing to do what they did to get there. I think sometimes people compare their insides to other peoples outsides. I did my time in Traditional media. Nearly 20 YEARS radio and TV. I didn’t just pop online and have instant relationships. I been around for awhile.

    I have written a few times about SM LISTS. It is nice to be listed ( and I am ALWAYS grateful)…..but I would rather a follow/tweet from someone like you, Reg, Sean, Merle Haggard, Dallas Cowboys, Charlie Daniels, the Country Music Association, or the Tucson Youth at Risk foundation down the street from my house.

    People might not know who you/them/they are but *those* things make my heart sing.

    Did I mention we need a freaking better alert system for REAL shiznit. A blog post, funny photos or cute quote are awesome….but if we can help a friend about to lose their job, suicide prevention, search for missing child, find a dog a home, raise money for starving children, help a musician get a record deal…et al. I say we do MORE of that.


    • Tony Bennett says:

      I was going to make a joke and say “Jessica , will you tweet my post about my pet hamster?” but I liked your last paragraph much that I’m giving you a virtual high-five instead. You’re totally right… There needs to be more REAL Social Good Coalitions, not just about social media, but about really helping those in need. Great Comment Jess.

      • AMEN Tony. It’s great that you wrangle a community or get a popular blog or land a big client or speak at the big convention.

        It’s totally another to put that to social good. <<< shouldn't be the exception, needs to be the norm. IMHO

  20. Michelle Kay says:


    As usual you are over the top awesome! Thank you for the shoutout!! I am truly grateful for your friendship!! Great post and you are so right about sharing, it’s way more amazing to give shares than to receive!!(although I love that too:-))

    Stay fabulous,
    Michelle @thedomesticexec XOXO

  21. I have followed your work for awhile, Ann, and it is always fresh with insights I can use. Thanks!

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