View From the Top: Dubai Skyscapes by Daniel Cheong

While perusing the social media arena, I stumbled across Daniel Cheong‘s photos.  His photography spoke to me, and I realized why I find social media so incredible.  It provides access to another world and an extensive network of people, places and creativity.  We can get in touch with people across the globe we otherwise would never have the opportunity to meet, and find inspiration through talented artists, photographers, musicians and more.

I reached out to Mr. Cheong via Facebook and asked if I could feature his work on my blog.  He was delighted to share his talent with us.

What an incredible view from a helipad taken by Daniel Cheong.  It’s like you can see the edge of the Earth!

Love this view of Dubai. It’s like you can see the edge of the Earth!
This skyline photo of Dubai is so captivating, but my eyes are drawn to those two glowing towers on the left. Who wouldn’t want to stay in the world’s tallest hotel, the JW Marriott Marquis?

I asked him to share his favorite photos and his vision of his work of Dubai.

If you tear yourself away from the 130 stores in the Dubai Marina Mall and looked outside, you’d see this awesome view.


I also asked him to provide with us five secrets to taking amazing aerial and architectural shots, and he was kind enough to do so.  Here they are, from Daniel Cheong himself:

“Regarding my approach towards my style of photography:

  • Location and light are the most important for shooting. Scout for the best location, and wait for the best light to capture the scene.
  • If the weather conditions are not the best, forget about the shots. Come back to the same location at a later date and take new shots.
  • I use a technique called ‘Digital Blending’ which tries to correct the imperfections of the camera sensor (in terms of exposure and clarity), therefore most of my images have this hyper-realistic look, which I think creates a ‘wow’ factor.
  • I don’t pretend to show reality, but rather an idealized version of it.
  • My influence mostly comes from the cinema, specially from directors which have a great sense of aestheticism.”







Mr. Cheong‘s photos definitely give me the desire to explore Dubai. What a visual feast for architectural photography!  It’s a photographic genre that I am fond of—and delve into—as much as I am able.  It would be a dream to travel to Dubai and see the view from behind my camera.  It’s also a huge bonus to be able to speak to this fantastically talented photographer.


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