5 Quick Steps To Grow Your Twitter Following

People love keeping score, and it’s always an endorphin rush to see our Twitter followers “count” hit big round numbers.  Sort of like watching our car’s odometer turn over 100,000!  Let me share how quickly you can grow your social media count.

I probably average about one to two hours a day checking in on my Twitter stream. When traveling, I may only spend 15 minutes, yet every seed planted grows the bounty of your harvest.  Here’s how:

1)  Try to follow most folks that retweet you.  Quickly peruse their page to see if you would like to follow them. It’s a bonus when a new individual you are not following yet has a unique tweet.  Share their tweet as a way to say “hi.”

2)  Follow people that favorite your tweets. The same suggestions apply as step #1 above.

3)  Check out Twitter chats and follow those with funny and witty responses. It’s fun to jump into chats in which you may not typically participate. Get in those conversations and get to know your audience.

4)  When people put you on lists, check out the other listed community and follow those tweets you find interesting.

5)  Follow that hashtag.  Conference conversations lead to interesting people based on how they tweet.

If you want to grow your Twitter count, you must harvest it daily.  This includes providing unique, informative and entertaining content. For further in-depth processes, read my article on Entrepreneur.com.  Ten tips to help you grow your brand and following http://t.co/7wn5dlKzOl

I hope you find these tips productive in growing your following. Please share with me other tips you may have found useful.

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