It’s Live, But Is It Legal? Video Streaming Apps Have Evolved

Technology moves so fast, it can make your head spin trying to keep up with all the platforms. I recently signed up on Periscope and started to follow some people to watch and see what the new platform had to offer.

I admit, a still picture cannot capture the essence of the moment on many of my travel experiences. But even a video cannot compare to a live experience, and other platforms (like Instagram) just record a still—an instant in time. Apps like Periscope and Meerkat open a window into an event that allows you to experience and participate.

So I started to include videos, but have been extremely cautious about what I include in my video. With my own videos, I was able to edit as I wished. But when it comes to live video, there is no script—it’s live streaming and you are out there!

As I was watching my Periscope friends, I saw quite a few videos that made me question whether what was shown was legal or not.

So, here are a few tips to remember from Kerry Gorgone:

Take into account that this is live, and that the people you may be capturing on video have rights. Who is visible? What is visible? Is it copyrighted or sensitive?

Don’t be afraid to disclose what you’re doing. So far, no fines have been issued to people who have clearly delineated the sponsor of their content.

Are you working for a brand? Then you should check with their legal department to make sure you’re acquiring the correct release forms, being transparent about sponsorship and attentive to copyright issues.

We invited Kerry Gorgone to join us on #InfluencerChat.  Here is a useful infographic Rebekah Radice put together for you to bookmark and refer to in order to stream responsibly.



But no checklist will protect you from potential lawsuits, and it’s down to you to be smart. If you plan your Meerkat or Periscope live stream, be responsible and conscientious.

See you on Periscope!

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